How Open Data Protect Ukrainians

Our SaveEcoBot offers many useful features. Air quality is a clear thing to many people, but not everyone can evaluate the benefits of, say, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It’s all about timing.

The point is that few people thought about air pollution a few years ago. Today, we have knowledge and tools to protect our rights and our health. This wouldn’t be the case if not for the disclosure of environmental data, including government data.

Read ‘Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services / TAPAS’, a new study from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the USAID / UK Aid, to learn about how SaveEcoBot—along with other open data services—helps reduce emissions, detect and combat corruption, and actively engage the public in monitoring air quality and other anti-corruption and social measures.

To recap, SaveEcoBot is the largest aggregator of environmental data on pollution, polluters, and environmental protection tools in Ukraine. It currently enables you to use the following features:

  • Check air quality (you can sign up for the excess pollution newsletter)
  • Monitor the EIA register to see what future works in your area may adversely affect the environment and your health (you can sign up for newsletters for the entire region or certain companies; comment and suggestion templates are also available)
  • File complaints about water, air, soil, and noise pollution as well as waste
  • Keep track of the amount of environmental taxes for damage to the environment
  • Learn about inspections at companies and their outcomes
  • Check whether polluters have permits, licenses, and tax debts
  • Subscribe to a certain company so as not to miss any new environmental information about it

And what features of SaveEcoBot do you use?

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