Uncle Akhmetov Tells a Tale: Myths and Truth about the Fight against Air Pollution

To make sure old coal-fired power plants and thermal power plants get modernized or gradually decommissioned rather than poison Ukrainians to death, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine—together with plant owners—drew up the National Emission Reduction Plan. This plan has been in force since 2018, but so far, NO ONE has made any significant efforts to implement it. On the contrary, Ukrainians are persuaded to ‘suffer’ for at least another 5 years because:

  • Myth 1:
    The oligarchs have no money.

This is what lobbyists offer:
Rip money off from the state budget, i.e. from our pockets.

  • Truth:

  • Myth 2:
    The oligarchs didn’t know that ecological modernization needed to be implemented.

This is what lobbyists offer:
Give the oligarchs not only public funds but also ‘a little’ more time.

  • Truth:
    The new owners of large combustion plants undertook to implement ecological modernization 10 years ago(!) when they bought them from the state at a low cost. Their obligations are set out in sales contracts.

  • Myth 3:
    The NERP can’t be implemented.

This is what lobbyists offer:
The NERP should be postponed.

  • Truth:
    The list of plants to be modernized or decommissioned under the NERP and the time frame for its implementation were provided by the same people(!), i.e. the owners of large combustion plants, who are now financing the hysterics of lobbyists.

Therefore, ‘Oh, Ukraine will lose the most efficient units because it can’t implement the NERP’ is nothing but brutal manipulation. While the oligarchs are investing in fake news rather than modernization, units can no longer operate without interruption, as they’ve depleted their economic life (or they’ve simply expired), while some have managed to expire twice!

Now you know everything, so share the truth with your friends.

Read more about the NERP here.

This article is supported by the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine being implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation under the sponsorship of Sweden. It shows the views, conclusions, or recommendations of the authors and doesn’t necessarily coincide with the views of the Government of Sweden. NGO Save Dnipro is solely responsible for the content of this article.

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