Ukrainian environmental start-up launches in 9 European countries, bringing Ukraine closer to Green Deal participation

This week, SaveEcoBot, Ukraine’s largest environmental data aggregator, was launched in 9 more European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ireland, and the UK.

Now people in those countries can monitor air quality information 24/7 online, in one of the most popular messengers – Viber. They can also subscribe to the bot to get the latest air condition data.

The data is sourced from about 10,000 stations of the Sensor.Community international project. With SaveEcoBot, people in 15 countries can easily access information about air quality in their cities.

Also, Rakuten Viber rolled out inspiring free sticker packs in 7 countries, and the second free sticker pack in Ukraine! While the first sticker pack was solely environment-focused, the new one embodies the ‘True Love’ and concern for the people we love.

Stickers will help attract more people concerned with the quality of air to the chatbot. As we all know, you need to measure the problem to solve it, and this is just what the service has been doing for over two years.

With SaveEcoBot, the Ukrainian civil movement actively discloses environmental data in Ukraine and a number of European countries. And it’s a signal for Ukrainian officials that the time has come to join the public and make more confident strides toward the European Green Deal. Together, we can achieve carbon neutrality and environmental safety!

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