We must know what we breathe! Crowdfunding Campaign

Дніпряни мають право знати, чим дихають

The main objective of the project is to provide reliable data on the state of the air in the two main indicators – the concentration of solid particles in the air, and the concentration of major inorganic pollutants.

To do this, we will acquire special equipment and give the results of measurements of pollution in real-time free access for all interested persons.

The main atmospheric air pollutants of the Dnipro River are DTEK Pridneprovskaya TPP (from 50% to 70% of city air pollution) and other industrial enterprises. The state of air characterizes the background concentrations of the main pollutants: dust, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides. It is their content in the air that we plan to continuously measure and provide these data to everyone in free and real time.

To do this, we need to raise a certain amount of money, namely about 22000 USD. And here we need your help.

This is a big sum, so we split the project into stages and steps. To implement the first one, we need only 3000 USD, for which we will already be able to measure harmful dust by fractions, which is not measured by any monitoring station of the Dnieper.

In general, the project will consist of 3 stages, each of which is divided into several steps. If the first sum can be collected then the next target will be 7200 USD, which will suffice for the full realization of the first stage of the project – this is a monitoring post that measures the content of fine particulate matter (PM 10, PM 2,5) and the content of SO2, NOx, CO, H2S, NH3. The total cost of the first stage is 7200 USD.

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